How We Help With SRED

Assessment of Your Company as it relates to SR&ED

An expert SR&ED consultant will determine if your company qualifies for SRED tax credits. This can be done via a simple phone call or over Zoom. This free assessment will lay out your company’s options as it relates to CRA SRED tax credits.

Application and Submission of SR&ED Claim

If your company has eligible projects or activities, a SRED tax credit expert will work with you to create an optimal claim to maximize SRED credits and minimize CRA SRED audit risk. We compile all the documentation required to support your claim for SR&ED credits, and then submit your SRED Canada claim to the CRA for review. We don’t get paid until you get paid!

Audit Support and CRA SRED Claim Defense

CRA SR&ED: If the CRA decides to audit your SRED tax credit claim, we will defend your SRED Canada claim and provide provide professional assistance free of charge. We’ll help you defend your SR&ED claim during your CRA SRED audit and ensure that you’re treated fairly. After the audit, we will prepare any additional SRED Canada information for your company requested by the CRA.

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